Stephen Tures

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Who am I?


I was born and raised in El Paso TX US, and lived for 13 years in San Francisco, CA (1, 2, 3, 4, 5),  and returned to El Paso TX US in 2011.

What keeps me busy?

I'm married to Angela Reza Tures, with an awesome kiddo and three troublemaking cats.

I work for this large company, previously IT here, and before those I worked various odds and ends like laptop assembly lines or doing retail.  At my current job, I first worked in IT and subsequently videoconferencing platforms engineering.  I accidentally co-invented GVC (history, video), an internal videoconferencing room appliance-like platform that was later refactored to become Meet Devices.  These days I manage a small team looking after software used to enable very large self-service AV spaces (techtalks) and bespoke AV experiences.

I've also worked from home since 2011 and I have some advice for anyone in a similar situation.

DM me on social media if you want to talk.

Music Work

I've been working in music as a hobby since high school, including receiving an audio engineering degree from The Recording Workshop while still in high school.

Kyiv Radio

Moody, textural electronic music, 2002-Current

Responsibilities: Write, Perform, Record, Master.

Note: this was previously known as "Kiev Radio", but I fixed the name in 2022.

Silk Trade

Electronic / Rock three piece with Sean Keating and George Strompolos, 2006-2010

Responsibilities: Bass and Keyboards, Engineering and Production


Post-something Punk / Rock - 2005-2006

Responsibilities: Guitar, Songwriting, Engineering

Broadcast Engine 

Punk / Rock / Post-something - specialized in playing demolition parties, 2004-2005

Responsibilities: bass guitar, engineering


Solo Project: High School and College

Responsibilities: Write, Perform, Record, Master.

Social Media

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Aerial Video

My new 2020 hobby